Written, directed and performed by Chiara D’Anna, Don’t You Dare! is buoyed by her abundant charisma and a glinty-eyed archness. She switches between characters with camp exuberance and funny asides. Don’t You Dare! is a history play set in the commedia dell’arte tradition and revolving around an actress condemned as a witch, yet contemporary  in its references to a divided, xenophobic Europe and the dangers of patriarchy and dogmatism.

Arifa Akbar - THE GUARDIAN ★★★★

“Don’t You Dare! uses the commedia dell’arte tradition to explore how the historical anti-woman propaganda of the Catholic church is part of a continuum with instances of contemporary anti-feminist backlash. Different century, the same shit. It’s witty and playful and D’Anna is a delight, ad-libbing with glee and slipping into different characters with ease…A performer with charisma to spare.”

Natasha Tripney -  THE STAGE ★★★★

“Filled with vivid flights of fancy, Rocinante! Rocinante! is an intriguing piece. Sweeping parasol oceans and miniature tin-pan solar systems make this a sophisticated visual work …We are manipulated with ease by an intuitive company whose physical work is superb.”

Honour Bayes - TIME OUT ★★★★

Charismatic and enthralling, D’Anna is a chameleon and builds her characters thoroughly and unequivocally through changes in her physicality and voice, displaying exquisite acting skills. By picturing old imaginary enemies, portraying illogical fears, and putting the crowd in front of the absurdity and nonsense of the criminal actions of past politicians, Don’t You Dare! candidly presents the chilling dangers our not-too-distant future holds

Cindy Marcolina - BROADWAY WORLD UK  ★★★★

“The pilgrimage through the light and dark crevices of the mind are beautifully evoked in Panta Rei Theatre Collective’s Rocinante! Rocinante! Taking its subject matter from the originality of Cervantes’ Don Quixote, the setting for the production masterfully constructs madness as a kind of ecstatic and passionate state. The technical accomplishments of director Chiara D’Anna’s creative team is vividly apparent.”

Josephine De Rossi – THE FRINGE REVIEW ★★★★

“Boundless energy gives way to some utterly beautiful, heart-wrenching performances and a striking balance between Italian and English dialogue extract from the piece every possible ounce of wonderful authenticity. [...] Energetic role-playing have the audience in stitches, the actress interacting and educating as she explores the political repression of women.”

Ezelle Alblas -  THE UP COMING ★★★★

“The cast of seven take us on a journey, performed entirely mise-en-scene that is always thought provoking and at times quite unsettling.”

Jonathan Grant - THE PUBLIC REVIEWS ★★★★

“Slowly, inevitably, a vision of Hell takes hold of our senses – eyes and ears assaulted and the chill biting… in Rocinante! Rocinante! the overall impression is one of being inside a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.”.

Gary Naylor - BROADWAY WORLD UK ★★★★

“D’Anna is nothing short of phenomenal. A naturally funny and enigmatic performer. Her charisma is what makes the show and what makes Don’t You Dare! the highlight of a great evening of physical theatre, comedy and satire in this worthwhile and poignant festival!”

Peter Dunmar -  IN COVENT GARDEN ★★★★


“D’Anna performs with irresistible energy, carrying the audience with her. On the one hand, Don’t You Dare! is an exploration of commedia characters given a modern twist; on the other, a scream at past and still surviving treatment of women—its satire sharp and very funny”.