2017 HOME (R&D)

CrisisArt Festival, Arezzo, Italy – June 2017

A collaboration between Panta Rei Theatre and the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture & Design, London Metropolitan University.

HOME  is a performance-presentation written, directed and performed by Chiara D’Anna. It’s an artist’s journey back home to rediscover her cultural, historical and personal roots. Utilising both autobiographical and historical material Chiara explored what it means to be a migrant artist; not necessarily as the eternal ‘traveller’ but rather the eternal ‘outsider’: the one who doesn’t fully ‘belong’ and is therefore ‘other’…different. This feels particularly relevant to her and her personal story since the result of last June’s referendum and the post-Brexit climate in the UK.

The piece interweaves the personal, artistic and historical dimension in an episodic story-telling piece.


Written, Directed & Performed by Chiara D’Anna

Light Designer: Chiara D’Anna & Will Dameron
Photo by: John Kellam