The Cass, London Metropolitan University, London – April 2018

A collaboration between Panta Rei Theatre and the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture & Design, London Metropolitan University.

FINDING HOME is a surreal, grotesque and tragi-comic one-woman show combining Commedia dell’Arte, storytelling and satire.  It draws parallels between the violently oppressive indoctrination of the Roman Inquisition and the hate speech of contemporary politics, weaving a narrative across centuries of mass hypnosis and vicious attacks on the arts and freedom of expression. In this story the victim is a talented Commedia actress accused of being a witch. Actresses were indeed labelled the ‘organum diaboli’: the instrument of the Devil!

Indeed, propaganda has always been used – and continues to be used – to demonise the vulnerable…but don’t worry: there is HOPE…and LAUGHTER, of course. Never underestimate the subversive power of laughter.


Written, Directed & Performed by Chiara D’Anna

Light Designer: Jelmer Tuinstra
Photo by: Stephen Blunt