CrisisArt Festival, Arezzo, Italy – July 2016

A collaboration between Panta Rei Theatre and the Theatre & Performance Practice department at London Metropolitan University, A Floating Caravan Under the Moon is a site-specific promenade performance that deals with issues of cultural and personal identity with irony, self-irony and humour. The piece stemmed from a topic that intrigued our director Chiara D’Anna for years: What is HOME? When do we really feel at home? And why?

Premiered at the CrisisArt Festival in Arezzo in July 2016 our piece involved an international cast of 10 actors: 10 stories, 8 languages and One place called Home!

‘A Floating Caravan Under the Moon’ is dedicated to all the people around the world who are still looking for a place that they can call home…


Cast:  Esther Calle Peña, Belen Gonzalez Fernandez, Rita Guerreiro, Jacob Harrison, Zie Jackson, Olivier Kitenge, Laura Reeves, Tyne-Elizabeth Stewart, Veera Vaisanen and Jenny Whitehead
Conceived & Directed by Chiara D’Anna

Video: Michelangelo Dousis

Stage Managers: Dorottya Tisza and Deborah Cacciapuoti
Photo by: Lexis Adams