Pleasance Jack Dome, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

‘Don Quixote! Don Quixote!’ is an adaptation of our site-specific promenade performance ‘Rocinante! Rocinante!’. It premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a co-production Panta Rei Theatre/Pleasance Theatre. During our Edinburgh adventure we discovered that our piece was too wild and too ‘anarchic’ to cope with the constrains of a conventional end-on theatre… (a conventional ‘black-box’ rather than a ‘theatre’!). As a result Edinburgh’s magnificent outdoor sites and in particular Arthur’s Seat and the surroundings of the city became progressively more inspiring offering us the opportunity to play amongst us and with the audience rediscovering our characters and their world all over again. And another journey into Don Quixote’s world of entrancing imagery, bizarre characters and magical encounters began…this time in a surprising, inspiring and completely unexpected scenario!

Devised and performed by: Chiara D’Anna, Juancho Gonzalez, Stephanie Lewis, Dani Rejano,
Almudena Segura, Tommy Scott-Williamson and Anna Zehentbauer.

Directed by: Chiara D’Anna

Music and Sound: Steve Harry Mason

Costume Designer: Nadia Malik

Photos by: Panta Rei Theatre

Produced by the Pleasance Theatre and Panta Rei Theatre