A surreal poetic tale in grotesque style

Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College and Holloway Arts Festival

‘Rocinante! Rocinante!’ is the artistic outcome of our interdisciplinary research project on theatre and mental illness also known as ‘The Don Quixote’s World Project’. Taking inspiration from two of the most celebrated and fascinating portrayals of madness – Don Quixote de la Mancha and Hamlet – this piece provocatively encourages our audience to consider the limitations of a conventional dualistic interpretation of life and its rigid separation of two opposite poles: reality and illusion, sanity and madness…life and death.

Performers: Malcolm Holwill, Juancho Gonzalez, Alexander Roberts, Jacob Yeo, Almudena Segura, Stephanie Lewis, Jessica Tyler, Kari Vidarsson, Tommy Scott-Williamson, Roberta Edwards and Anna Zehentbauer.
Directed by Chiara D’Anna
Music and Sound: Steve Harry Mason
Lighting Designer: Josh Pharo
Photography by Lubos Horvat
Video: Lubos Horvat and Scott Robinson
Produced by Panta Rei Theatre with the support of London Metropolitan University and Rose Bruford College.