ROCINANTE! ROCINANTE! CLF Art Café – Audience Feedback

More beautiful responses from our audiences during the final week of our 3 weeks London run of Rocinante! Rocinante! at the CLF Art Cafe, London (Feb 10thMarch 2nd)

A stunning piece of theatre. At the end of the show I was left in silent contemplation:  now I understand the world I create. Thank you Panta Rei Theatre!


I guess tonight I understood Don Quixote. He was my hero and then he was only a madman. Frail and alone. Bereft of his imaginary world…as are we all whenever we give up our dreams and hopes.


I really enjoyed the performance and the interactive element gave it a unique dimension unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Brilliant acting, amazing production design and exceptional lighting. Brilliant!


A wonderful space of dreams and fantasies. A performance that opens our imagination and invites us into the world inhabited by the characters and their journeys.


“Imagination can be very powerful”…indeed! Beautiful and intriguing use of the space, a great ensemble work and a fantastic involvement of the audience. We were taken “into a surreal journey” with you. Thank you!


Excellent. The cast were superb and the performance space was brilliant. Totally inspiring!


Visually stunning. The umbrella scene was amazing. The use of the space was excellent and the music/soundscape was outstanding.


Fantastic location and set design. Loved the use of light and movement. Really interesting the theme (madness) and the ‘marriage’ of Don Quixote and Hamlet.


Very interesting the promenade nature of the piece and the constant transformation of the spaces.


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