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FINDING HOME rehearsal – DAY 3

DAY 3: The Index Librorum Prohibitorum (English: List of Prohibited Books) was a list of publications deemed heretical, lascivious or anti-clerical, and therefore banned by the Roman Catholic Church.

Wow! That’s terrible! Isn’t it?

Well, don’t worry: we have something to be scared of even today! We might not burnt books anymore …but we certainly know how to fry brains!!!

The system got a bit more sophisticated. The establishment doesn’t even need to prohibit or banned publications. They simply feed people distorted and false information. And people even pay for it! TV, social media…we pay with te advertisement brainwashing that make us willing consumers of shit! In a trance-like state: zero brain activity!

The mechanism has reached perfection: it took them a few centuries but they got there eventually. Propaganda, manipulation of information, brainwashing, culture of fear…

…mmm???…my rehearsal are getting more and more interesting and depressing. I’d better change direction or nobody will come to see my show! Don’t worry: I’ll make you laugh: I promise!


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