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Day 4Germino, the Zanni-Soldier or The Crusade Against the Heretics.

In order to destroy any seed of potential heresy throughout the 16th century, the Church embarked in a series of Crusades against the Heretics. The Church’s crusades in fact continued beyond the Middle Ages – till the 16th century.

And what was the Papal State’s army made of? Mercenary soldiers of course. But when mercenaries were not enough: peasants, obviously. The cannon fodder of every European war!

I’d like to introduce you to another character: Germino, the Peasant-Soldier. He’s a mix of fiction, historical characters and autobiographical material. This Soldier is a poor peasant from the Po’ Valley…lost in the battlefields during WW2; but he could also be a 16th century peasant-soldier. After all, any war is war in the 1500 like the 1600 like the 1700 like the 1800..like 1915, 1940 or today: the victims are always the poorest, the innocents and the ones forgotten by the rest of humanities. Yesterday exactly like today!

In the show I re-imagine him coming back home…still haunted by the memory of the battlefield…

rehearsing @ London Metropolitan University @TheCassArt 

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