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Commedia dell’Arte for the 21st Century

Summer Workshops with Dr Chiara D’Anna

Tower Building, London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road, N7 8DB

Last Saturday of the Month 10.00-13.00



Run by one of the leading practitioners in the UK, this Commedia dell’Arte masterclass will offer you the opportunity to discover and expand skills that are fundamental in any performance setting: body and space awareness, physical stamina, a clear understanding of rhythm-tempo and comic timing.

This masterclass is an introduction to Commedia dell’Arte and its legacy in contemporary performance. It is an excellent opportunity for drama students, teachers, actors and theatre makers to develop skills that are fundamental in any performance setting – not only physical comedy. The Masks of Commedia dell’Arte are indeed an excellent tool to expand performers’ physical vocabulary and learn how to improvise with confidence and interact with your audience.

The ‘Commedia dell’Arte Workshops – Summer Season’ are open to everybody not only professional actors. Absolute beginners are more than welcome to join us and discover the liberating and transformative power of Commedia dell’Arte masks.

Each month we will focus on a specific archetype. Each participant can choose to come to 1 session only or attend all of them. The cost of each workshop is £30. The cost of the entire course -booked in advance- is £100 (£25/each workshop).

JUN:  The Servants | JUL: The Masters | AUG: The Captain (outsider) | SEP: The Lovers

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