COMMEDIA dell’ARTE for the 21st century

Anything that contributes to the creation of my performances – written, visual or aural material – ends up in a comprehensive ‘collection’ of inspiring items. This is my contemporary re-invention of the zibadone.
In Commedia a zibaldone or libro generico is a commonplace book where actors would collect a personal repertoire of recyclable commonplaces, speeches and extracts. The actual definition of zibaldone, widely used since the 15th century, can be translated in English as ‘hodgepodge’ – meaning a collection of miscellaneous things – or a ‘commonplace book’. Its definitions are: 1) a notebook containing multiple writings collected in a scattered fashion; 2) a collection of loosely connected thoughts; 3) a confusing mixture of diverse things: writings, sketches, images, objects or people. The latter best describe what a zibaldone represents for me – in my practice/devising methodology: a diverse mix of items not organised or systematised or prioritised.
Discover more on my COMMEDIA dell’ARTE for the 21st CENTURY course The Cass​ 15Sept-13Oct.


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