ROCINANTE! ROCINANTE! CLF Art Cafe’ – Audience Feedback

Audiences’ responses to Rocinante! Rocinante! at the CLF Art Cafe’, London ( Feb 10th – March 2nd)


Absolutely brilliant. I hope to hear from you soon as I can’t wait to see your next big production. Very ingenious and the performers were outstanding. Congratulations!


I really enjoyed the show. It took me to so many places! Excellent physical work: well done to all the cast!


Thank you for performing such a thought-provoking and unique play!


Great actors, visually stunning and a beautiful interaction with the audience.


Excellent use of space and lighting; excellent performances from all the cast; very atmospheric music and soundscape: the piece was moving and thoughtful.


Really original! A really good work with an amazing mise-en-scene and strong atmospheres. I loved the audience interaction and the transformation of the space scene after scene.


I liked the use of space, the lighting and sound and even the smell- that cold air smell! All the moving around was a little disorientating but it worked within the play and put the audience within Don Quixote’s state of mind.

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