Cervantes and Shakespeare…

Already 4 years have passed since our theatrical homage to Don Quixote de la Mancha…and Hamlet.

A captivating, visceral and surreal journey into the restless mind of Don Quixote de la Mancha…

‘Rocinante! Rocinante!’ site-specific performance at the CLF Art Cafe (2012) from Panta Rei on Vimeo.

At night, Don Quixote arrives in a cemetery with his old horse Rocinante accompanied as ever by Sancho Panza and Donkey. They stumble upon Hamlet’s gravediggers, involved in alchemical experiments as they debate the meanings of life, death and everything in between. But this garden of souls is not all that it appears, and rational laws disappear to make way for something absurd, surreal and grotesque.

Influenced by the dark imagery of Hieronymus Bosch, a cast of seven alternate dynamic physical sequences with intimate poetic moments as the audience enter a world of dreams, memories and visions, embarking on a surreal journey through the restless mind of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Almost exact contemporaries, Cervantes and Shakespeare died in 1616, on the same date (23rd April), if the discrepancy of ten days between the Gregorian calendar (Spain) and Julian calendar (England) is to be allowed for.

Panta Rei Theatre (“everything flows”) is a collective of international artists promoting interdisciplinary collaborations to explore issues that transcend the boundaries of cultural, economical and social backgrounds. Their work is immersive, visually striking, surreal and multilingual.

Directed by Chiara D’Anna

Performed by: Chiara D’Anna, Juancho Gonzalez, Daniel Rejano Romero, Almundena Segura, Stephanie Thorpe, Tommy Williamson and Anna Zehentbauer .

Music and Sound Design: Steve Mason

Lighting Design: Cis O’Boyle

Costume Design: Nadia Malik


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