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COMMEDIA dell’ARTE for the 21st CENTURY

I describe my work as ‘Artisan Theatre’. This expression embraces the notion of theatre as craft: ‘artistic know-how’. My own work ‘favours’ the practical over the intellectual. I consider my work, both as a director and an actor-director, comparable to the work of a tradesman: an artisan, a carpenter or a builder. Through practice I […]

COMMEDIA dell’ARTE for the 21st century

Anything that contributes to the creation of my performances – written, visual or aural material – ends up in a comprehensive ‘collection’ of inspiring items. This is my contemporary re-invention of the zibadone. In Commedia a zibaldone or libro generico is a commonplace book where actors would collect a personal repertoire of recyclable commonplaces, speeches […]


In this course we will study the classic Masks of Commedia dell’Arte and explore how to develop a devising methodology drawing from Commedia dell’Arte’s techniques and principles without necessarily utilising the traditional types, masks and aesthetic. Sat 15th Sept- Sat13th Oct @The Cass @London Met University – The Cass Short Courses: https://www.londonmet.ac.uk/courses/short/commedia-dellarte-for-the-21st-century/ #Commediadellarte #theatre #mask […]


“Scala argues for the primacy of the actor in the theatre as the one who, by virtue of his practical experience, has established those rules which should govern the composition of plays. Dramatists, in Scala’s opinion, learnt how to fashion plays by following the rules established by actors.” (Richards and Richards, 1990). #Commediadellarte #theatre #masks #workshop #craft #training #masterclassfor #actors #actorsdirectors #actorauthors #actorslife #students #practitioners #masks […]


Commedia dell’Arte course at The Cass School of Art, Architecture & Design, London Metropolitan University -  THE CASS SHORT COURSES. It’s an intense course for actors, directors, teachers, tutors, students, masks lovers and curious types… The course will be running over a period of 5 weeks from Sat 15th of Sept to Sat 13th of […]

FINDING HOME rehearsal – DAY 5

DAY 5: Nonna Ida … from Finding Home.  More work on the old lady enchanted by Commedia dell’Arte and especially by those beautiful actresses…that she had never seen on stage before then! However, the Inquisition and many clergymen of the time – for example Cardinal Borromeo or Tommaso Garzoni – could not bear Commedia’s extraordinary […]


Day 4 – Germino, the Zanni-Soldier or The Crusade Against the Heretics. In order to destroy any seed of potential heresy throughout the 16th century, the Church embarked in a series of Crusades against the Heretics. The Church’s crusades in fact continued beyond the Middle Ages – till the 16th century. And what was the Papal […]

FINDING HOME rehearsal – DAY 3

DAY 3: The Index Librorum Prohibitorum (English: List of Prohibited Books) was a list of publications deemed heretical, lascivious or anti-clerical, and therefore banned by the Roman Catholic Church. Wow! That’s terrible! Isn’t it? Well, don’t worry: we have something to be scared of even today! We might not burnt books anymore …but we certainly know how to […]

FINDING HOME rehearsal – DAY 2

Day 2: Gino, the Conman So The Inquisitor’s facial expression (DAY 1) reminded me of someone.. ..again today I cannot help to think that Gino, the Conman also reminds me so strongly of someone that I’ve seen before. I think I’ve seen him for a very long time…since the 90s at least! rehearsing @ London Metropolitan […]