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Day 4 – Germino, the Zanni-Soldier or The Crusade Against the Heretics. In order to destroy any seed of potential heresy throughout the 16th century, the Church embarked in a series of Crusades against the Heretics. The Church’s crusades in fact continued beyond the Middle Ages – till the 16th century. And what was the Papal […]

FINDING HOME rehearsal – DAY 3

DAY 3: The Index Librorum Prohibitorum (English: List of Prohibited Books) was a list of publications deemed heretical, lascivious or anti-clerical, and therefore banned by the Roman Catholic Church. Wow! That’s terrible! Isn’t it? Well, don’t worry: we have something to be scared of even today! We might not burnt books anymore …but we certainly know how to […]


It has been weeks since the Weinstein’s storm and sadly most news and articles seem to treat this news and the following scandals in Hollywood (and Westminster), as any other ‘trendy gossip’. Number of victims, photos of celebrities, details of what happens, how many times it happens … a sort of soap opera basically. Rather […]

Commedia dell’Arte & the contemporary ‘marketplace’ 2

Second year at East 15 with the wonderful Acting and Community Theatre students in the streets of Southend-on-Sea bringing back to life the real spirit of commedia. The characters really came to life when the students started to interact with the people in the streets amongst market stalls and the contemporary version of Bakhtin’s marketplace. […]


We’re counting the days: just 19 left to join us for our ’Natural You’ workshop at the London Buddhist Arts Centre. Every day we will post a new word, image and soundtrack to describe our practice in a creative and (hopefully) inspiring way! A little insight into our work: enjoy it, share it, dance it….love it!  […]