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At Boiling Point Festival 13-15th October 2015

Panta Rei Theatre is so excited to present A Flying Caravan in Tarantella Mood on the 14th of October in occasion of the ‘At Boling Point Festival 2015′. This is a 30mins  devised, site-specific piece directed by Chiara D’Anna as part of her practice-based research project at London Metropolitan University.

This project involves students from the BA in Theatre and Performance Practice, Panta Rei Theatre and Panta Rei Theatre’s friends and collaborators. 

If you want to know more about the event and book  your FREE space (Yes: IT”S FREE!!!) follow this link:  At Boiling Point Festival at London Metropolitan University  or read more about it here:

A pop up festival of performance, film, digital installations and spoken word
14 October – 16 October 2015

After the success of last year’s At Boiling Point, London Met’s staff, students and alumni are again taking over the University’s Old Boiler House to turn this disused space into a sizzling performance venue.  Presented in collaboration with the Heritage Arts Company, At Boiling Point 2015 promises to be an exciting showcase of talent and creativity.

Watch a show amidst the crumbling walls, discover films in hidden rooms, interact with digital installations and listen to poetry and plays in this atmospheric setting.

Wednesday 14 October: Theatre and Performance

Theatre and Performance Practice present an evening of story, theatre, song and dance in the atmospheric setting of the Old Boiler House. Come and get warmed up!


Don’t sing in the kitchen, or you’ll marry an old man

With Anna Sulan Masing & Safiah Durrah
Welcome to Dayan’s chicken curry stall. Through her mother’s recipe, Dayang brings you the rich flavours, smells and stories of her home. Wherever home is, it isn’t far when there is a bowl of warm food in front of you.

Tickets are free and available here.

Stories Unite
Straight from their site-specific performance at the Deptford Lounge, performers will unwrap their stories with a fusion of African, Caribbean, contemporary, urban dance and up tempo beats.

Presented by Foundation Degree in Dance Year 2 Students, in a partnership between City and Islington College, IRIE! Dance Theatre and London Met.  Tickets are free and available here.

A Flying Caravan in Tarantella Mood 
Conceived & directed by Chiara D’Anna

What is ‘home’? How do we define ‘home’? When do we feel it? What does it mean to have roots? …And what does it mean to live like a ‘rootless’ outsider? Why do some people never feel at home…no matter where they are?

Performed by London Met students and Panta Rei Theatre actors and collaborators,  this piece deals with issues of cultural and personal identity with irony, self-irony and humour.  Tickets are free and available here.

The Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster 
Written by Gareth Jandrell, directed and produced by Dan Coleman

£5 per ticket, free for students upon production of valid student card.
Dawn State Theatre Company return with a spell binding new play about power, fear and fanaticism, inspired by the true story of Britain’s bloodiest witch-hunt.

It’s 1615, and two men are on a mission to arm their countrymen against a plague of devilish outsiders. Until now their chief weapon has been Jennet Device, youngest of the Pendle Witches, the girl whose testimony condemned her entire family to the noose. But now Jennet has grown up, her eyes are starting to open, and tonight heads will roll.

‘Brilliant’ ***** (British Theatre Guide)

Thursday 15 October: Interactive installations and digital performances

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Boiler House gets interkinected as a creative space of stunning film-performance-music-bodies-ideas-sounds-dance-people-digital-technologies-art-science dimensions. Our expanding digital universe boils over with inventive connections between guest artists, lecturers, students, performers and materials in this post-industrial shell of possibilities.


Emergent Performance Making – a workshop
Participants will be led into transformative creative spaces, towards interwoven interactive experiences.  Followed by chaired questions, discussions and debate – find out how things work.  Tickets are free and available here.

Open Space
Explore Anne Robinson’s ’Air Time’an audio visual installation exploring songs and temporality; watch performance invention by Marion Burge and new film by Jacek Ludwig Scarso; interact with kinect technologies in an amazing audio-visual space by Bruno Cuartero, Delfin Ortiz, Miguel & Eduardo Gomez, talk to the makers, get a drink.  Tickets are free and available here.

A live interactive performance wondering the obsession with signings of the self, involving brilliant dancers, musicians, Kinect systems and films, with tribute paid to the digital dance pioneer Loie Fuller. A collaboration between David Cross, Richard Hoadley, Jane Turner, TURNING WORLDS and Ian Willcock.

Tickets are £5 and includes entry to Quantagasm, free for students upon production of valid student card.

In a performance of cutting satire, Malcolm Boyle brings you quantum easing via smooth talking thought consultant John Kyron, who sells the answer to everything, namely Purons, an invisible solution to all things negative and conspiratorial in the universe, especially The One World Government.

Tickets are £5 and includes entry to #semaphoreselfiesfree for students upon production of valid student card.

Friday 16 October: Spoken word

Students and staff of the BA Creative Writing and English Literature degrees, joined by some of their chums from Theatre & Performance Practice, will dazzle your ears with some play-reading, some comedy and some stuff which simply defies description. Don’t be nervous because you’re going to be in the safe hands of London Met lecturer, Niall O’Sullivan, the host for the evening. Niall is a poet, educator and event host. He has published three collections of poetry with Flipped Eye and has served residencies for the Wimbledon Championships, the South Kilburn Estate and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Niall currently hosts the Poetry Unplugged open mic session at Covent Garden’s Poetry Café.


The evening commences at 6.00pm, with free tickets to all performances.

Rehearsed readings of original scripts
Presented by Phil Durham, Christopher Breach and Emily Critchley

London Met’s second and third year creative writers take the stage and break the silence with some new work that you won’t have heard before. Each of the three pieces you’ll hear tonight are from writers at the very beginning of their careers.

Stand-Up or Sitting Down
Performed by Connor Kent

Not all our students write stuff for other people to perform; in addition to having a great head of hair, Connor Kent is a stand-up comedian and actor. This is his debut at London Met and like the rest of the evening, it’s all spanking brand-new material, just for you. Blimey you’re lucky.

‘I’m not angry but why are some people such f****** b*******?’
Performed by Sam Quinn

Sam Quinn graduated from London Met with a degree in Performing Arts back when the world was young.  Armed with a microphone, his record-collection and a wealth of highly non-lucrative sponsorship deals, Sam sets out to understand what’s wrong with the world. Sam writes and performs a unique mix of stand up, physical theatre, character comedy and story-telling; his work can be described as Surrealist Realism. It can also be described as funny.

Performed by Roxanna Donald

So what do you do when you leave University with a degree in Creative Writing? Well, Roxanna Donald left just last year and her first script, ’Spike’ is about to be performed at The King’s Head in Islington.  ’Spike’ is a contemporary drama that follows two university graduates in the midst of a sexual assault trial. While James comes to terms with what he can’t remember, Nicole takes control of her experiences and challenges what it means to be a survivor.  ’Spike’ is a play that explores the consequences of sexual violence and the preconceptions of victims and perpetrators.

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