Rehearsal A Floating Caravan 2015 - 3

Theatre: a magical journey…

After a wonderful series of workshops with the students from the Theatre and Performance Practice at London Metropolitan University in April, I’m getting ready to develop A Floating Caravan Under the Moon: an inspiring project to explore what is Home!!!

Rehearsals will start in late JUNE for our piece: a devised, immersive and site-responsive performance that will bring together stories from all over the world told in different languages, different songs, different ‘dances’…but only one breath!

So many beautiful stories and characters emerged in just 3 workshops in April…we played with sounds, objects, music, autobiographical material…starting from the mundane and literal we progressively moved into the surreal, the absurd and the oneiric.

Theatre: such a fantastic and magical journey to discover who we really are…

I can’t wait to see what this wonderful, inspiring and generous ensemble of young actors will develop in the Summer for our “Italian Expedition”: A Floating Caravan Under the Moon premiere in Arezzo at the CrisisArt Festival in July 3rd-8th of July 2016. …but we will bring it back to London in the Autumn to share it with all our London friends!

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